Seafarer 34'

Seafarer 34 Sloop for sale

See all the specs of this boat at this link (the interior of this boat matches Interior #1):

You can see many more pictures of this boat here: Seafarer34
Including pictures of inside, equipment, cockpit.

My contact:  Rafal Bilyk - 416-560-7550 - rbilyk@hotmail.com

Make sure you check out the equipment list by clicking Equipment on the left.

Asking Price $22,900 obo.

DSC_4049 (Small)

DSC_4050 (Small)

DSC_4052 (Small)

DSC_4054 (Small)

DSC_4061 (Small)

DSC_4062 (Small)

DSC_4071 (Small)

DSC_4074 (Small)

DSC_4075 (Small)

DSC_4077 (Small)

DSC_4095 (Small)

DSC_4124 (Small)

DSC_4131 (Small)

DSC_4133 (Small)

DSC_4134 (Small)

DSC_4135 (Small)

DSC_4141 (Small)

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